“Owner” shall mean Gala Storage of 130 Griffiths Road, Equestria, Pretoria East.
“Agreement” shall mean this document, duly signed by the owner and the client.
“Client” shall mean the person who has signed this document, thereby entering into an agreement for the rental of the lock-up storage facility from the owner subject to all terms and conditions contained herein.
“Storage facility” shall mean the lock-up storage facility being the property of the owner and which is located at 130 Griffiths Road, Equestria, Pretoria East.

For the purpose of this agreement, including the terms and conditions,


1. Fire and theft

1.1. The Owner shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the client as a result of fire, natural disaster or theft from the storage facility.
1.2. The client shall be solely responsible for insuring any items stored at the storage facility if such insurance is deemed necessary by the client.

2. Access

2.1. The client may enter the storage facility only during the hours 07h00 to 19h00.
2.2. Outside the above hours the entrance from Griffiths Road will be locked and no entrance will be permitted.
2.3. Access is gained via GSM dropped call from your cell phone.

3. Keys

3.1. The client shall provide their own padlock to secure their unit at the storage facility.
3.2. The client is required to pay the owner a refundable deposit equal to one month’s rental upon commencement of the agreement.
3.3. The deposit will be refunded when the agreement is terminated by either party, the storage facility is vacated by the client.

4. Monthly Rental

4.1. The rental for the storage facility is R720-00 (Seven Hundred and Twenty Rand) for a 6mx3m unit or R550  (Five Hundred and Fity Rand) per month for a 4mx3m unit or R 900 (Nine Hundred Rand) for a Caravan Store. The price is determined by the size of the storage unit rented. There will be a yearly escalation of 10%.
4.2. Rental for the storage facility is payable monthly in advance on the 1st day of the relevant month by way of eft. The funds are to reflect in Gala’s account on the 1st of the month.
4.3. The client has the option of paying 6 (six) months’ rental in advance, in which case the total rental for such 6 (six) month period will represent a 5% discount.

5. Failure to Pay Monthly Rental

5.1. Should the client fail to make payment of the monthly rental by the 14th day of the month, the owner shall have the right to give the client written notice to vacate the storage facility within 7 days from date of such notice.
5.2. Should the client fail to vacate the premises or make the necessary payment within the 7 day notice period referred to above, the owner shall have the right to remove all items from the storage facility and to sell these items at a fair and reasonable price to defray costs. Should the proceeds of such sale exceed the amount due to the owner, any excess shall be refunded to the client.

6. Owner’s Bank Details

Any payment required to be made to the owner in terms of this agreement ie. deposits, may be deposited into the owner’s bank account, the details of which will be made available upon singing the rental agreement.

7. Owner’s Contact Details:

Postal Address:
PO Box 75447
Lynnwood Ridge

Telephone : 0833275204/3
Fax : 012 807 2256
Email : galastorage@telkomsa.net

After hours / Emergency No : 0833275203 / 0833275204

Please note that illegal or inflammable items and perishable goods may not be stored at Gala Storage. Should you be storing any items that require fuel, such as a heater or a lawnmower, they should please be drained before storing. Only empty gas cylinders may be stored.